Private Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


The most exciting way of streaming your favorite movies and shows with your favorite people is here. Install Private Watch Party now and watch anything with your pals in sync. Moreover, the extension supports major streaming websites like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Therefore, stream in sync even while pausing, skipping, etc., and experience HD video quality.

What Will You Watch


This free and user-friendly extension lets you host or join a seamless watch party on Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Therefore, within a few clicks and in minutes, you can start using this fantastic extension and create memories.

Start off with installing the PRIVATE WATCH PARTY extension. Furthermore, this extension supports Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, and Computers. Moreover, you need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to install this extension.

Once the installation completes, you will notice a red and black extension icon next to your address bar in the toolbar. Therefore, you just pin it to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see the extension icon, please click on the private watch party fav icon icon located in the top right corner of the browser. Hence, pin the extension icon there.

This Extension supports the most famous streaming websites, including Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Therefore, select which you want to stream and sign in to your preferred website.

Now that you’ve logged in, please search for the video you want to enjoy with your friends. Furthermore, please play the selected video to proceed further and create your watch party.

Next, click on the pinned extension icon in the toolbar. Now, a window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” with a “START A PARTY” button will open. Moreover, you need to click on that button to create your watch party. However, clicking there will generate a URL that will work as the invitation link for the friends. Therefore, just share that URL with friends you want in the watch party.

Install the PRIVATE WATCH PARTY extension if you haven’t already. After that, log in to the particular streaming website. However, please remember that all the watch party members need their separate subscription to the streaming website to join the watch party. Now, click on the invitation URL sent by your friend, and you will be redirected to the most fun virtual gathering ever.


This extension has been designed keeping the binge-watchers in mind. Therefore, it has multiple features to enhance your video streaming experience forever.

Stream your favorite shows and movies with anyone around the world in seamless sync. Even while skipping, pausing, and forwarding, this extension, provides perfect sync.

This has got to be the most fantastic feature of all time. Therefore, you can chat while streaming your favorite shows together in the side chat bar. You can even send reactions to particular scenes.

Have an ultimate experience using HD video quality and quick buffering speed with a PRIVATE WATCH PARTY. Therefore, the best way of streaming in style and quality is here.

You get the option of having complete control of the private watch party. By enabling the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button, you can acquire complete control of the watch party as the host. However, you will be able to play, pause, skip, forward, and rewind. Moreover, all the watch party members will still have their system settings to themselves. Therefore, they can modify their audio, subtitle, and language settings according to them.

You can enjoy a watch party on the major streaming websites compatible with this extension like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Therefore, stream on your favorite streaming website together and make memories.

You can personalize your watch party and group chat by putting a nickname and an avatar as your user icon. Your user icon and nickname will appear in your group chat and jollify your watch party.

No matter where your loved ones reside, you can enjoy the private watch party with them. Since private watch party extension is available in all the countries where the supported streaming websites are available. For instance, if you want to create a watch party on Netflix, you must check if Netflix is available in all the countries where the watch party members reside. Although, it is preferred that all watch party members be in the same country. However, if someone belongs to a different country location, they can use the VPN service and change their country location.

Frequently Asked Questions

A watch party is a virtual party where someone hosts a watch party and invites whomever they want to the watch party by sharing the watch party link with them. Therefore, everyone watches a video together at a watch party in sync no matter where they live. However, you can do so with the help of the PRIVATE WATCH PARTY extension, which lets you host and join a seamless watch party.

The Private watch party is a free extension that lets you host or join any watch party on the most famous streaming websites like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Therefore, you can be in the seamless watch party with smooth sync with your friends.

You can add as many people as you’d like to your watch party. However, they have to install this extension on their devices and sign in to their separate account on the particular streaming website.

No, this extension is not supported to join or host a watch party on mobiles. However, it is only made to be used on Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, or Computers.

Install and pin the Private watch party extension, sign in to the particular streaming website. Finally, click on the invitation link sent by your friend, and you will reach the watch party.