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How can I Watch Movies that are in Theaters at Home

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As its name describes, Private Watch Party is something that gives you access to stream your favorite shows and movies with your distant friends at your private place. Besides, you can understand the Private Watch Party platform as a medium for its users to watch all the videos from different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney Plus, and HBO Max in one place. Moreover, this Private Watch Party platform allows you to stream all your favorite shows, movies, series, news, sports, etc., in a synchronized pattern. But to make all this happen, you must install the Watch Party Extension on your device, free of cost. 

Remember, only use a compatible web browser to install the Watch Party Extension on your devices, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Furthermore, installing the Watch Party Extension lets you host or organize your own Private Watch Party at your comfortable place. You can even invite your close friends and family members to your watch party by sharing the Watch Party Extension. Hence, to know more about the Private Watch Party features and the Watch Party Extension installation procedure, stay tuned.         


What are the Private Watch Party Features? 

You can enjoy many features on the Private Watch Party; follow the information below. So that you can enjoy the binge-free streaming experience along with your distant ones.   

First: Global Accessibility 

The first global accessibility feature lets you stream your favorite videos from anywhere in the world. Hence, the distance will not matter anymore while streaming with your friends in sync. 

Second: HD-Quality Streaming 

Undeniably, all the streaming videos on the Private Watch Party are available in HD quality. So you can have a real-life nirvana experience, even at your home.   

Third: Controllability 

Using this feature, the host or party organizer can have full control over the Watch Party. Consequently, the host can forward, play, rewind, pause, and resume the streaming video, even if the other party members are there.

Fourth: Compatibility 

You will experience the least difficulty while installing the watch party extension. The reason is that it's compatible with other streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, and Disney Plus. 

Fifth: Live or Group Chit-Chat

The live or group chat feature gives you access to send text and do chit-chat along with streaming. So it will be easy for you to express your emotions and reactions by sending text messages and emojis.  

Sixth: Customization or Personalization 

The last profile customization and personalization feature let you make your profile more attractive and unique. For instance, adding a nickname and icon to your profile will appear while streaming at the watch party and even in your group chat.

How Can you do a Private Watch Party? 

Here, you have six major steps that will guide you on how to do a Private Watch Party right from scratch:  

First: Private Watch Party Installation
The first step explains the Watch Party Extension installation process via a compatible web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. Also, ensure to use any of these devices, including Windows, Chromebook, and macOS laptops/PCs. 

Second: Pin the extension to the Toolbar
In the second step, you need to pin the extension to the browser’s toolbar. And to do this, go to the extension icon “private watch party” button beside the search bar. If it doesn’t appear, click on the puzzle icon and the extension icon button; simultaneously.  

Third: Log in to the Particular Streaming Website
In the third step, log in to any streaming websites such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO Max. Also, keep in mind that the extension should be compatible with your chosen streaming platform.

Fourth: Select and Play the Video
The fourth step begins by selecting and playing your chosen streaming videos to carry onward.  

Fifth: Host a Private Watch Party
In the fifth step, you are all ready to host a watch party by clicking on the PP button beside the address bar. Consequently, it will open a “Create A Watch Party” window. Afterward, click on “Start a Party” to create a watch party link, copy it, and share it with those; you want to invite to your virtual party. And in order to get the watch party controllability in your hands, turn the “Only I have Control” button.  

Sixth: Join a Party 
Now end the process by joining the watch party once; you install the extension and log in to the streaming website. Next, click on the watch party link shared by the host or your friend to redirect yourself to the watch party.

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