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How to Host a Private Watch Party with your Friends Online

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Sometimes we don't like spending our quality time in front of the world. Even if it's about having dinner & spending quality time or watching a movie, show, etc. But thanks to the Private Watch Party extension, that makes it possible. If you are new to it, then you must know that the Private Watch Party Chrome Extension is an online tool. It is mainly used to watch movies and shows in private, or you can say at home. The best thing you will love about this extension is that it even lets in third-party interference while watching movies, shows, or series on several streaming platforms. 

And these are Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Hotstar, and Disney Plus. Moreover, third-party interference denotes your friends, family, or close ones, whom you can invite to your watch party to join in. Furthermore, you only need to install this Private Watch Party extension on your system. You can create the watch party link and share it with your friends and close ones to let them join in to watch videos together. Don’t forget to use its features to amplify the watch party. To know how to use Private Watch Party extension, jump onto the one below.   

Steps to Start a Private Watch Party 

There are some manual steps that you need to implement to start a virtual party to stream together. Moreover, these steps are easy to understand and don't consume too much time. So without delaying anymore, let’s begin the process to host a Watch Party:

1. Install Extension: Primarily, you need to install the extension either by clicking here or following the manual process. As per the manual process, you must have a compatible web browser. And an accessible PC/laptop such as Chromebook, Windows, and macOS. 

2. Pin Extension: Pin the freshly installed extension to your browser’s toolbar. And to do so, you need to click the “Extension” icon in the top right corner of the screen.  

3. Account Login: In order to access any streaming website such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO Max. You need to login into your account on any of these streaming platforms.

4. Search, Select, and Play: Your work needs to be done during the logon process, as choosing something to watch is equally important. Therefore, search and select the play any movie, show, or series you want to stream with your friends at the watch party. 

5. Create Invitation Link: Creating the Private Watch Party link is unskippable to let your friends in. Thus, click the “PP” button beside the address bar. Consequently, it will open a “Create A Watch Party” window, where you will see a “Start a Party” button. You need to click the “Start a Party” button to create a watch party link. Now, copy that generated link and share it with your brats to invite them to the watch party. 


6. Join In: Finally, except for the host, the rest of the watch party members can join the virtual party by clicking on the Watch Party link. Remember, clicking the link will let you step into the Private Watch Party, where you can stream together and connect with each other.        

Advantageous Advance Attributes of Private Watch Party 

To make your watch party reach the level of advancement and enhancement, the attributes of a Private Watch Party are always ready to use for its users. And these are:

1. Worldwide Access: Distance will always make you continue to let you stream with your friends. Therefore, having “Worldwide Access” will help you stream movies and shows from any corner of the world. 

2. Control Over Watch Party: A Watch Party host's responsibility is to take charge of its hands to stop any mishap. So the host can rewind, pause, play, forward, and resume the videos, whenever they want. , you need to enable the “Only I have control” button. 

3. Compatible: It is a special one in which installing the Private watch party Chrome extension shows its compatibility. That means you can enjoy watching videos on different streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hotstar, Disney Plus, and Hulu. 

4. Group Chat: To spice up and to make the surroundings engaging and social, you can use this “Group Chat” option. In which you can send text messaging and emojis to chit-chat with your brats. So, you can feel like your friends, and dear ones are sitting next to you.  

5. Profile Customization:

There’s no need to continue with the same profile until or unless you have a “Profile Customization” feature. Using it can help you customize your profile by putting interesting avatars in the profile icon. And by adding an eye-catching username to your Watch Party profile.   

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