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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Host and Manage a Private Watch Party

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The Private Watch Party works as an all-in-one streaming platform. Here, you can enjoy streaming a wide range of shows, movies, series, short films, and a lot more from different streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar, Disney Plus, and HBO Max on one streaming platform. And to make it happen, you need to install the freely accessible Private Watch Party Extension on your device. Moreover, installing the Private Watch Party Extension even lets you create your own Watch Party. So you can enjoy streaming all your favorite shows and movies alone and with your friends and close ones, even if they stay far away. 

Furthermore, you must access its amplifying features to make your Watch Party even more joyful and enjoyable. And these are Worldwide Accessibility, Group Chat, HD streaming, Compatibility, Controllability, and Profile Customisation. Now, to learn more about Private Watch Party, its features, and hosting by installing the Private Watch Party Chrome Extension, jump onto the below information that will work best for you.            


How to Host and Manage a Private Watch Party?


Follow the information below to encounter the Watch Party implementation process from installation to joining. And these are:  

1. Extension Installation

Begin by installing the Private Watch Party Chrome extension, which you can even do by clicking here. And to install the extension via the manual process, either use Google Chrome or Microsoft web browser. When it comes to devices, try using a compatible one such as Chromebook, Windows, and macOS laptops/PCs. 

2. Pin the Extension 

Next, pin the installed extension to your browser’s toolbar. Therefore, click on the “Extension” icon and click on the pin button next to the HBO Max Party extension. Suppose the Watch Party extension does not appear, jump onto the top right corner of the browser to find it.  

3. Log in to the Streaming Platform

Now, log in to streaming websites, including Disney Plus, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO Max, to proceed further. Remember, the compatibility of the installed extension should match the selected streaming platform.

4. Select and Play the Video

Further, you need to search, select and play the video that you would like to stream at your Private Watch Party. Once you select the video, pause it after playing it for a while.  

5. Create Watch Party

To create a Watch Party, click on the PP button beside the address bar to open a “Create A Watch Party” window. Further, click on the “Start a Party” button to create a watch party link. After creating the link, copy and share it with the people you want to invite to your Watch Party.  

6. Join a Party 

Last, you need to join the Watch Party by clicking on the watch party link shared by your friend or a host of the Watch Party. So it can redirect and let you connect with other Watch Party members to begin unlimited streaming entertainment.   

Features of Private Watch Party 

You can better understand the concept of a Private Watch Party by exploring its features and specifications. And these are:   

1. Global Accessibility 

The “Global Accessibility” feature lets you stream and connect with people worldwide. If streaming services are unavailable at your current location, then change your location via VPN to stream easily.  

2. Controllability 

To own control over Watch Party, you need to enable the “Only I have control” button. In order to release control over Watch Party, disable the same “Only I have control” button. So you can change the settings such as play, forward, rewind, pause, and resume the video, whenever you want to. 

3. Compatibility 

The Private Watch Party can easily match compatibility with most streaming platforms. A few of them are Netflix, HBO Max, Hotstar, Disney Plus, and the Hulu streaming platform. 

4. Group Chat

Using the Group Chat feature lets you share your opinions about movies and shows on the group chat, where other watch party members can also watch it and leave their comments. To add more fun to it, you can even share emojis besides the text messages in the group chat.  

5. Profile Customisation 

The feature “Profile Customisation” lets you make changes to your Watch Party profile by adding attractive and unique avatars from a wide range of profile icons. Another thing is about adding a cool, cute, or funny nickname as a username. Remember, the changes will become visible in your group chat and while streaming.

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