Private Watch Party

Private Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Enjoy HD Streaming Of Disney Plus In Sync Worldwide

Enjoy HD Streaming Of Disney Plus In Sync Worldwide

Enhance your streaming experience on Disney Plus now. Get all your friends around you remotely in just a few clicks. Now you have the best way to throw a Disney Plus Watch Party using Private Watch Party worldwide. Host or join Disney Party for free and enjoy the HD streaming with quick buffering. Moreover, share your viewing while watching the party with all the participants using integrated chat features. Sounds fun, isn’t it? You can experience the theatre feel even in your comfort position or place. However, there are a lot of appealing features that make it one of the most visited streaming sites worldwide. Let’s know the quick way of how you can reach your loved ones virtually. Continue with the read below;

How to Use Disney Plus Watch Party?

You need to start with the downloading procedure. Install the Private Watch Party extension in your preferred system using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser. Moreover, the extension is supported with macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers, so ensure the requirement first.

Add the extension to the toolbar by clicking on the “ICON” located right next to your address bar. Then, give a click to your “Extension’s Icon” to pin the extension to the toolbar and make it easy to use each time.

Furthermore, you need to open your Disney Plus account and sign in to get instant access. Additionally, make sure that you have a separate subscription to Disney plus, including all the participants who are supposed to be at your Disney Plus Watch Party. 

In this step of the procedure, you need to click on the “ICON” you have pinned to the toolbar in the earlier step. After, you will get a new window named “Create A Watch Party,” including the “START A PARTY” button. You have to click on this button to get the instant invitation link for the watch party.

You can quickly join your friends at the Disney Watch Party to enhance entertainment. Kindly follow the same procedure of installing the extension and log in the same way to your official Disney Plus Account. After that, please click on the URL shared by your friends who are going to host a Disney Party. Once you click on the invitation URL, you will redirect to the watch party to join seamless Disney Streaming.

Integrated Fun Chat Feature​

Gather all your distant friends and family now and create fun memories through fun chat in the Virtual Disney Streaming. Moreover, you don’t need to pay anything to enjoy this joyful extension as it is available free of cost. Amazing Chat fun makes the watch party more exciting and entertaining.

Enjoy HD Streaming In Sync Worldwide ​

Do not worry about the country or place, as the Private Watch Party extension allows its users to host or join the seamless Disney Plus Watch Party streaming in sync worldwide. No matter where you are in the world and how far away your friend and family member is, you are all just a few clicks away from your favourite movie to watch together in sync. There are no miles issues with this user-friendly extension; all you require is just good internet connectivity to enjoy your Disney Party together.

Keep Control Over Your Disney Plus Watch Party​

When you start the procedure of Creating a Disney Watch Party, it will show you options whether you want to keep control of the party in your hand or not. Once you enable the “ONLY, I HAVE CONTROL” button, you will get the complete authority to Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind the particular video. And, you won’t need anyone’s permission to adjust the video according to your convenience and mood. However, you can’t control a member’s system setting, and participants will have the power to adjust the language, subtitle, and audio settings of the video mainly themselves only. But, you can disable their control button as well.