Private Watch Party

HBO Max Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host HBO Max Watch Party With Friends

Host HBO Max Watch Party With Friends

To all the HBO MAX lovers, say goodbye to the times when you used to watch the HBO shows and movies alone. With Private Watch Party, you can create an HBO MAX Watch Party and enjoy your favorite videos in sync together. Therefore, even while being miles away from your pals, you can share the same time on screen and catch up while making memories. However, the private watch party is free and lets you enjoy HD streaming with fast buffering speed. You get multiple features by hosting an HBO watch party with the private watch party. To know how you create or join an HBO max watch party, look below.

How To Host A HBO Max Watch Party?

It’s effortless creating an HBO watch party with the private watch party. Since the Private watch party is a very user-friendly extension, it has a lot of users who trust it for making their HBO max watch party. Here’s how you can host the most wonderful HBO party with your distant loved ones.
How To Host A HBO Max Watch Party

The first step is to install the Private watch party to your system. Moreover, you can install it either on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Furthermore, it is compatible with Chromebooks, Windows, macOS, Laptops, and Computers.

After installing the private watch party, pin the extension icon to the toolbar. Moreover, if you don’t see the extension icon on the toolbar, click on the puzzle icon and pin the extension icon from there.

The next step is to open HBO MAX and sign in to your account. However, please remember that you require your separate HBO subscription to create a watch party. Furthermore, all the watch party members also need their individual subscription on HBO to join the watch party.

In this step of the procedure, you need to click on the “ICON” you have pinned to the toolbar in the earlier step. After, you will get a new window named “Create A Watch Party,” including the “START A PARTY” button. You have to click on this button to get the instant invitation link for the watch party.

Here’s the final step in hosting the HBO max watch party. Click on the private watch party’s extension icon on the toolbar, and a small “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window will drop open. Further, click on the “START A PARTY” button to get the invitation link to the watch party. That’s it, folks. Share the generated link with your friends so they can join the HBO party.

How To Join A HBO Max Watch Party?

It’s pretty easy joining an HBO Max Watch Party via the Private Watch Party. However, you need to follow the same procedure of installing and pinning the extension to the system. After that, you must open HBO max and then click on the invitation link of the watch party sent by your friend. Therefore, you will reach the most fun HBO party of your life.

Sync your watch party like never before. With the Private watch party, you get to host and join a perfect HBO watch party in smooth sync. The sync in the HBO party remains intact even while pausing, skipping, and rewinding the video. Therefore, it does not matter where you or your friends are, you can watch and have fun together.
By enabling the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button, you can get complete control of the HBO watch party. You can control all the aspects of the currently playing video, such as play, pause, forward, and rewind. Moreover, please know that all the watch party members can still control their system settings. Therefore, the audio volume, subtitles, and language settings still remain with all members.
You can bring a personal touch to your profile by putting a nickname for yourself. Furthermore, you can also choose an amusing user icon from the inbuilt avatars from the Private watch party. Moreover, these nicknames and user icons will appear at your watch party and group chat. Hence, make the most of your HBO max watch party with these cool features.
Feel at home while being away from home by using this feature. Yes, you can chat with your friends while streaming together with them. This group chat appears in the sidebar of the watch party, where all the watch party members can join in and talk about different scenes. Furthermore, you can also send reactions to your friends on particular scenes. Also, your user icon and nickname will be visible in your group chat.

With this free and user-friendly extension, you can create a seamless HBO max watch party anywhere in the world. There is no limit to where you can or can’t make a watch party. Moreover, the best part is that you get to experience the ultimate HD video quality at all your HBO watch party. Furthermore, there is fast buffering in all the videos when you use the private watch party to create your HBO party. Hence, don’t wait anymore and install the private watch party extension so you can make fun and perfect HBO max watch party with your friends.