Private Watch Party

Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Enjoy Hotstar Streaming In Perfect Sync Via Private Watch Party

Fed-up with this usual routine? Let’s have some movie fun remotely with friends and close ones. Here is a modern way to spend quality time with loved ones and burst all the stress at once. The Private Watch Party extension allows its users to enjoy seamless Hotstar movies and shows at the Watch party. It has an unstoppable group chat feature to offer a cinema feel to the participants. Because of quality and an updated library, the Hotstar Streaming platform comes on top when somebody searches for a fun virtual meeting. There are endless benefits to this user-friendly extension; here is everything you should know before hosting or joining your Hotstar Party for free. Let’s continue the reading and make a way to Binge-watching with distant friends worldwide:

Enjoy Hotstar Streaming In Perfect Sync Via Private Watch Party

How To Host A Hotstar Party Via Private Watch Party

A private watch party is a user-friendly extension, and you won’t have to face any difficulties in the process of hosting and joining a Hotstar Watch Party. Let’s start the process thoroughly:

How To Host A Hotstar Party Via Private Watch Party
  1. Start with having the extension in your device. If you haven’t installed the extension, Click Here to download smoothly. But, the thing you need to keep in mind, you can only use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your device. Moreover, it supports only Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebook, and PCs. 
  1. ou should pin the extension to the toolbar so that it would be easier to use each time. For this, click on the “ICON” located right next to the browser’s toolbar. Now, click on the “extension’s icon” to pin it precisely to the toolbar.
  1. In this step, you need to log in to your Hotstar account. Don’t forget, every member along with you is required to carry their separate account on Hotstar for seamless streaming. 
  1. Here, search for the video you want to enjoy in sync, select, and play it. 
  1. To proceed, click on the “ICON” button next to the address bar further. A window will pop up named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY.” Now, Click on the “START A PARTY” button showing in this window to create your virtual Hotstar watch party with friends. Copy and share the Hotstar watch party URL generated with the friends you want to join your watch party.


The first need to join a Hotstar Party is an invitation URL. Then, you need to install the extension in either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your device. Also, it supports only Windows, macOS Laptops, Chromebook, and PCs. After, click on the invitation URL, and you will be redirected to your watch party. Now, log in to your Hotstar Account and enjoy the live streaming and have fun chatting with all the participants. 


Download this free and user-friendly extension in your system and enjoy the best HD quality videos in sync worldwide. You are just a few clicks away from your friends and loved ones to enjoy a quality watch party. Binge-watching becomes more joyful when you experience this in HD quality along with besties and family. Private Watch Party helps you stream any of the latest or introductory videos in sync, even free of cost. Hence, you can all enjoy any Hotstar videos together despite the distance.

Select "Only I Can Control" Option

This feature is specially made to let a host complete control over the watch party. You would have full control of pausing, playing, forwarding, and rewinding the videos. Also, no one’s approval is needed; it all depends on how you want to let it run.


We take a guarantee of your privacy and won’t let it harm you anyhow. What is private would be private entirely, and no one would be able to enter your Hotstar Watch Party. Therefore, only the members you shared the invitation URL with would be capable of joining you in the streaming. Moreover, this excellent extension allows users to customize their profiles in a fun way to make this virtual meeting more interesting. Besides, you can put a cool name for your watch party and use any fun avatar that will appear in your watch party and group chat. Therefore, a Hotstar Party is entirely safe and worth playing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Well, this is a fantastic platform to binge-watch the Hotstar videos for free. You can play any of your Hotstar shows or movies in sync worldwide and enjoy the same movie with distant friends without paying anything. 

  1. Fortunately, you don’t need to be in any particular country to enjoy this user-friendly extension, and you can use its features anywhere in the world. All you need is installing the extension in your device and decent network connectivity. 

Yes, indeed. You can enjoy the extension’s smooth chat function to add more fun to the watch party. Also, send emojis to all the participants or particularly special ones and make your movie night delightful.