Private Watch Party

Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Enjoy Hulu Streaming Together And Create Fun Virtually

Enjoy Hulu Streaming Together And Create Fun Virtually

Looking for a way to meet with friends? Here you have the best way to connect with friends remotely anytime, anywhere. Private Watch Party allows its users to enjoy HD Hulu Streaming in sync for free. Now, users can host or join Hulu Watch Party and add as many friends as they want to enjoy together and create long-lasting memories. Moreover, The feature synchronises video playback for all desirable participants and lets you all have a fun chat while streaming. So, don’t wait for more for a thrill; get all your favorite people around with a few clicks.


Private Watch Party is the upgrade extension that lets you watch Hulu together without asking for charges. Enjoy Hulu Movies and shows simultaneously and step forward to make your night entertaining with friends. You can create this virtual fun anywhere in the world and play multiple episodes in a row. This user-friendly extension is available 24*7 to keep the watch party going without any obstruction.

How To Use Hulu Watch Party

Arrange Hulu Watch Party through Private Watch Party anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can add as many members to your watch party as you want because there is no number restriction with this unique extension. You can easily create a Hulu Watch Party; all you need to do is follow the below-outlined steps.

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Firstly, you need to install the Private Watch Party extension through either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser. Moreover, the extension is supported with macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers.

Now, kindly look next to the address bar where you can spot an “private watch party fav icon,” click on this. Then, click on the “extension’ private watch party fav icon” to pin it exactly to the toolbar.

Furthermore, you have to log in to your official Hulu Account to enjoy seamless streaming together. Please note that you require a separate smooth subscription to the Hulu account. Moreover, each participant of your Hulu Watch party needs to secure their own Hulu account individually.
Here, search for the most preferred video you want to enjoy at the watch party. Then, please select the one from the suggestions and then start playing it.

To enjoy the party, you need to click on the extension you have pinned to the toolbar, and all of a sudden, a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window will open automatically. Click on the “Start A Party” button in the same window.

Now, smoothly copy the party URL and share it with your numerous friends to let them join your watch party. You can enjoy seamless Hulu Streaming in sync worldwide hassle-free.
How To Use Hulu Watch Party

How To Join Hulu Watch Party

To join an existing Hulu Watch party, you need a Private Watch Party extension; likewise, you require it to host a Hulu party. After that, click on the invitation URL shared by one of your friends. This click will take you to your Hulu account, where you need to log in, and then you will find yourself in the Hulu Watch Party. Here, you can chat with your friends and enjoy the seamless HD streaming with quick buffering.

Complete Control On The Hulu Watch Party

For those who are willing to know about extra features of the extension, It lets you control the watch party. You can enable the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button and get complete control of the watch party. Moreover, this opportunity is specially designed for the host, and no other participant can use this feature at all. Though, the host can Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind the particular video. However, other watch party members will still control their system settings, for instance, language, subtitle, and audio settings of the video. But, the host can disable this option and remove this power of participants’ as well.

Integrated Chat Feature

You can enjoy this craziest group chat feature and share your viewing experience. There are no charges to enjoy seamless streaming in sync, and the users can use the extension anytime, whenever they want, wherever they want. Stay in your comfort zone and feel like your loved ones are sitting just next to you. This unique real-time chat feature will give you a theatre feel even from your respective place.

Smooth HD Streaming in Any Country

HD streaming is like a treasure in this extension. The extension will provide you with the best quality videos where you won’t have to suffer from buffering. Therefore, the Private Watch party is a one-stop destination for all Hulu Fanatics. Additionally, It would be good if all the expected watch party members were in the same country. However, if any of your friends aren’t available in a similar country, they need to use the VPN services to change a particular country’s location.