Private Watch Party

Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host A Group Netflix Party Worldwide

Searching the ways to binge-watch remotely with distant friends? Private Watch Party is an exceptional extension that allows you to enjoy a watch party together. In addition, It has incredible flawless group watch features that let you feel surrounded by your distant friends. Also, you will be able to enjoy seamless Netflix streaming in HD quality. Host your Netflix Party via Private Watch Party and let your most loving friends join you worldwide. Start co-watching now and add as many friends as you want at your watch party. Don’t let the distance with your loved ones ruin your relationship, and arrange a movie party virtually now or anytime. Use this fantastic featured extension and enhance your quality time with the funniest chat feature. Moreover, choose your favourite Netflix show or movie from its vast library and play smoothly in sync. Wondering how to make it happen to enhance your fun time? Well, we have precisely explained how to host and join the Netflix Party for free; go through this read now.

Host A Group Netflix Party Worldwide

How to Host a Netflix Watch Party?

You can quickly host or join a Netflix Party with the Private Watch Party extension. This user-friendly extension is completely free and lets its users enjoy binge-watching worldwide. You won’t have to face many difficulties as it is available everywhere in the world equipped with beneficial features. Therefore, you can enjoy the same Netflix streaming in sync with this user-friendly extension for free. It lets you enjoy a flawless Watch Party with your family, friends, and loved ones. These steps will act as a guide for users to Host a Netflix Party via Private Watch Party:

How to Host a Netflix Watch Party
Firstly, download the Private Watch Party extension on your macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers. Also, you need to ensure either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser is available in your system for a smooth process.
When you download the extension in your system, you must click on the “ICON” placed next to the address bar. Now, click on the “Extensions” icon located in the top-right corner of the address bar. Through this step, You have pinned the extension to the toolbar.
Step3. Sign-In To Your Netflix Account: Now, you need to open a Netflix account and sign in to it. You need to know that you have to ensure your smooth subscription to Netflix.
Here, search the video by clicking on the search bar and selecting your preferred one. Then play this to proceed further in the procedure hassle-free.
Now, you must be watching a “Puzzle ICON” located at your browser’s toolbar; click on it. Then, a window will open named “Create a Watch Party. ” On this window, click on the “Start a Party” button to create your watch party invitation link.
Lastly, copy the URL you get and share the link with all the friends and family you want to enjoy Netflix Streaming in sync with.

How To Join A Netflix Party Via Private Watch Party

Likewise, you need a Private Watch Party extension downloaded in the system; it requires you to join the watch party as well. Then, click on the invitation URL shared by one of your friends to reach your official Netflix account. Here, you need to Log in to the Netflix Account for seamless streaming. That’s all; once you log in to your subscribed Netflix account, you will find yourself at the watch party. Spend quality time with co-watchers and enhance a good experience with fantastic chat features.

Sync Netflix Movies And Show Worldwide

Download the Private Watch Party extension as it is available for new updates. You can sync any of your Netflix movies and shows to enjoy the same streaming with distant friends. Give a thrill to your friends and use this fantastic feature to spend quality time. Moreover, you won’t have to be in any particular country to sync your videos; all you need is a smooth Netflix subscription and good internet connectivity, that’s all.

Fascinating Group Chat Function

Netflix Party allows the participants to have more fun by enjoying chat functions. Means, you will be able to chat with all the available participants of the watch party while streaming. Chat function specially made for those who love to enjoy talks during movies. Get a theatre feel and experience that your friends are sitting next to you. Share your thoughts about what you most like about the current video and show your excitement for the next mysterious scene. Furthermore, you can send emojis and also can react to your pals’ messages to enhance fun time. Sweet, isn’t it?

Incredible Safe Customization

Be free about privacy as it is entirely safe and secure. However, those with whom you have shared an invitation link only would be capable of entering your Netflix Watch Party. Use this incredible feature to customize your profile according to what’s trending. So, go with the update and enjoy everlasting features while Netflix Party for free.