Private Watch Party

Paramount Plus Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host A Group Paramount Watch Party Worldwide

Synchronize your Paramount Plus content with your friends and family! With the newest and first-ever Paramount Plus Watch Party via Private Watch Party. Distance is now just an excuse; leave all the excuses behind with contemporary solutions. Install the ultimate web browser extension, the Private Watch Party extension, to celebrate the genre of emotions. Private Watch Party is always looking for new and updated ways to provide entertainment. Therefore, you can just relax on your couch and turn your screen to a movie theater. With significant and enhancing features, you can enjoy your group binge-watching session whenever you want. On top of that, you can obtain all of this for free.

Host A Group Paramount Watch Party Worldwide


The Private Watch Party extension makes it simple to host a virtual watch party for Paramount Plus content. Furthermore, it allows you to organize a party for up to 100 members. Therefore, this contemporary extension can add more fun to your frolic. In addition, stream your favorite shows and movies with distant loved ones in sync anywhere on the planet. However, to host a watch party, you must first install the Private Watch Party extension.
  1. The first step is downloading the extension, which you can do by clicking here. Also, you can use the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers to download the extension. Private watch Party functions seamlessly with Chromebooks, macOS, and Windows devices. 

  1. Next, you need to pin the extension to the toolbar to use it whenever you want. Therefore, click on the watch party extension icon in your browser’s toolbar and pin it there. 

Now, sign in to your Paramount Plus account. Furthermore, to host and join the watch party without any trouble, make sure to have your own subscription. After that, search for any content you like, start playing it and pause it.

Now click to open the Private Watch Party extension by tapping on the extension icon to host a Paramount Plus Watch Party. A window with the text “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will appear. On that window, you’ll see a button saying “START A WATCH PARTY,” tap on it to generate the invitation URL/link.

Lastly, all you have to do is to join the entertainment that is the Paramount Plus watch party. However, you must complete all the installation steps to reach the entertainment station. Then, log in to your streaming account and ensure that you have your own to enjoy the party seamlessly. Finally, click on the link provided by the party host, and voila!

Astute Features of Paramount Plus Watch Party

Stream Paramount Plus Worldwide

Enjoy unlimited Paramount Plus content from anywhere in the world. You can watch the content with your family and friends wherever there is a Paramount Plus subscription. On the other hand, Private Watch Party is available worldwide for everyone to use. Therefore, you can use a VPN if your region or present location doesn’t support the streaming platform. Thus, you can quickly activate a Paramount Plus subscription with a VPN; hosting and attending a watch party is simple.

Control Of The Watch Party

As the host of the watch party, you have the option of having complete control over it. Enable the “Only I have Control” button if you want total control. Furthermore, you can deactivate it if you don’t wish to keep the control. You can play, pause, rewind, forward, or resume the video with the watch party control. However, you will only have control over the watch party and not the devices of the watch party members.

Customize Your Watch Party

This feature is specially made to let a host complete control over the watch party. You would have full control of pausing, playing, forwarding, and rewinding the videos. Also, no one’s approval is needed; it all depends on how you want to let it run.


 One of the best features of the Paramount Plus Watch Party is the ability to personalize your profile. You can now keep witty and personalized nicknames on your profile. Furthermore, you can choose and save any cute or cool avatar or profile picture. Therefore, you can personalize your profile to your liking.

Live Chat

It’s amazing to discuss live-action with your friend and family. In your virtual watch party, you have the option to live chat and get along well with your close ones. Henceforth, you get the comfort of knowing that you are sitting next to each other in the same space. Also, you can send emojis to party members as reactions. 

Synchronization and HD Streaming

 Private Watch Party is a user-friendly extension that alleviates your viewing experience thanks to its synchronization and high-resolution streaming. Therefore, it offers HD resolution for viewing all types of content. You can also stream the content at the same time and share it with your friends and family. As a result, Teleparty ensures an unforgettable watch party.

Free Entertainment

All of these features and entertainment are free to access. The Private Watch Party is a free extension; thus, you won’t have to spend any money watching the Paramount Plus Watch Party.


Paramount Plus Watch Party via Private Watch Party is an effective way to connect with distant loved ones. However, because of 100 party members, any technical problem can obstruct the watch party. Therefore, please check if you are ever caught somewhere during the Paramount Plus Watch Party.

  • Have you logged in to your Paramount Plus subscription yet?
  • You’re attempting the action that the host forbids.
  • Have you installed the Private Watch Part Extension?
  • Whether or not the URL for the watch party invitation is correct.