Private Watch Party

Prime Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host A Group Prime Watch Party Worldwide

It’s time to celebrate because we have brought this futuristic extension to connect with all your pals living apart. Along with connectivity, this extension allows you to enjoy your favorite movies or shows with your loved ones from any corner of the world. Yes, you’ve heard that right. However, this is possible only by using the Prime Watch Party extension.
Now, you can stream whatever videos you want and wherever you are by switching to a Private watch party. In addition, this extension comes with gripping features that will undoubtedly blow your mind. Therefore, check this manual out and start with enjoying this watch party. Henceforth, do not wonder anymore and connect with your distant loved ones with the Prime Watch Party extension. Now, let’s start with hosting your watch party without further ado.

Host A Group Prime Watch Party Worldwide


Have a blast with your friends watching your favorite movies or TV shows together at a Prime Watch Party via Private Watch Party. Furthermore, you can arrange a fantastic movie night with your loved ones even though you all live apart. Therefore, include your friends and family in your watch party and get started to experience A-class cinema. In addition, below, we have jotted down a few steps through which you can host your watch party.

The initial step is to install the Private watch party extension. Furthermore, you have to visit the official Chrome Web Store and search and install the extension. Moreover, this extension is free to download. Also, note that this extension supports Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser for its installation. In addition, the extension is compatible with devices like macOS, Chromebooks, Windows, Laptops, and PCs. 

When you have downloaded the extension successfully, you must pin the extension icon on your toolbar. However, if you are unable to see the Prime watch party extension icon, then click on the puzzle-shaped icon. Furthermore, you can see the puzzle-shaped icon on the top-right corner of your browser. Hence, pin the extension icon to your toolbar from there. 

The next step is to log in to your Prime Account and visit the Prime Video on your browser. Moreover, make sure that all the members must hold a separate account on Prime to join the Prime watch party.

After pinning and logging into your Prime Account, you have to search for the video which you want to play. Furthermore, play that video and pause it for a while.

Once you have pinned the extension, what you have to do is click on the private watch party extension icon. Moreover, tap on the extension icon, and a pop-up “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will emerge. The pop-up would have a button, i.e., “START A PARTY.” Therefore, you have to click on that button to receive a URL invitation to your Prime watch party. Now, copy and share the invitation link with the members. Hence, through this procedure, you will be able to host your watch party. 

To join the watch party, you have to click on the invitation link that the host shared with you. Furthermore, you must make sure to download and follow the above steps of downloading the watch party extension to your devices. Also, note that you must hold a separate account on Prime video. If all these prerequisites are achieved, you have to click on the invitation link. Hence, it will automatically direct you to your watch party within a few seconds. 


The Prime Watch Party via Private Watch Party lets you stream your favorite videos in high definition. Therefore, now enjoy your movie nights with your friends together in the best cinematic experience ever. 

The best part of the private watch party extension is that it is available worldwide. Furthermore, it lets you connect globally. Whether you and your friends live poles apart, you all can still watch your favorite movies or shows together. Thus, this extension lets you connect with your friends and family easily.

The prime watch party extension makes sure that you face no connectivity issues while streaming your videos. Hence, it provides smooth and seamless connectivity so that you all can enjoy your watch party. 

You can have complete control over your virtual watch parties. Furthermore, this extension understands privacy concerns and lets the host have complete control over them. Moreover, by enabling the icon “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL,” you can access full control over the watch party.

You can add unlimited members to your watch party. How wonderful, right? Now, add as many friends as you want with no connectivity issues. Hence, enjoy your virtual watch party together.

Now, you can chat with your pals whenever you want while streaming your favorite videos. Moreover, you can share emoticons and reply to those scenes you like in the series or movies with your friends. 

The amazing part of a private watch party is that you can personalize your profile accordingly. You can change your avatars and usernames according to your wish. Further, note that these avatars will be shown to the other watch party members.

Troubleshooting Prime Watch Party

The Private Watch Party runs flawlessly and seamlessly. However, the extension supports an unlimited number of members; therefore, we must consider the danger of server overload. Although, if you ever face any issue, then look at these steps for troubleshooting:


  • Have you installed the right Private Watch party extension on your device?
  • Check whether the prime video is available in the country or not?
  • Make sure that you have a separate account on Prime Videos
  • Have you logged into the Prime Video account?
  • Check whether you are not exceeding the watch party guidelines which they forbid
  • Did you receive or send the correct invitation URL?