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Youtube Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host Youtube Party Via Private Watch Party

We can miss out on simple joys like streaming videos together these days because it’s not easy to visit and hang out with pals. Of course, we can send links or share them on social media sites, but nothing beats getting real-time reactions from your friends. There is, however, a free option to watch these films together and in sync. Here’s how you can watch YouTube videos with your pals. You can host and join a Youtube Party via the private watch party extension.

A private watch party is a free and user-friendly extension that lets you create a youtube party so that you and your distant friends can enjoy videos in sync together. Therefore, no matter how far you all live from your loved ones now, you can enjoy videos with them as if you’re all together. Moreover, this extension comes in handy when you all need to watch tutorials and learn something together. Therefore, the private watch party extension is a must to make the most out of your youtube party.

Host Youtube Party Via Private Watch Party

What Is A Youtube Party?

Youtube party is a service provided by the private watch party extension where you can host or join a youtube party. However, the best part is that you no longer have to miss streaming with your loved ones or worry about learning something together as the distance isn’t the issue. The extension allows you to watch everything in sync with everyone in HD quality. Moreover, there are a lot of features that could benefit you and your streaming experience. Now, let’s move on to the steps to install the private watch party extension.

Steps To Host Or Join The Youtube Party

Steps To Host Or Join The Youtube Party

To get started, install the private watch party extension on your computer. Look for the extension on the official Chrome web store. Moreover, you can also download it using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. macOS, Chromebooks, and Windows are all supported by this extension. You can also click here to download the private watch party extension on your PC for free.

You must pin the extension to the toolbar, which is a great way to keep it in the system. Simply click the extension icon on your toolbar next to the address bar to pin this. You’ll be able to quickly access the private watch party to create a youtube party in the future if you pin it to the toolbar. If you can’t discover the extension, use the puzzle symbol to find it.

Now open your browser and go to Youtube, where you may find anything you want to watch at the virtual party. You can now watch the video you’ve been looking for.

It’s finally time for the party to begin. A small window called “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will appear when you click on the pinned extension icon. A “START A PARTY” button will also be included on the button, which, when clicked, will generate an invitation link to your watch party. Consequently, select the option to create a link that will be used to invite everyone to the party.

It’s now time to get to the watch party. Hence, click on your friend’s invitation link and join the craziness. Moreover, make sure that the private watch party extension is installed.

Things That Will Make Your Youtube Party Better

Host The Youtube Party Anywhere

You can host or attend a watch party from anywhere on the planet. A Private Watch Party is a universal extension that can be accessed globally. On the other hand, the extension works anyplace where YouTube is available. As a result, you may have a YouTube party at any time, anywhere, with anyone using the private watch party extension.


Unbeatable Syncing

Regardless of what happens, the sync in your YouTube party will remain intact. The private watch party extension is well-known for its excellent synchronization. Even if the host changes the playing video, the changes will appear promptly on everyone’s devices, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

HD quality and resolution

All of your videos will be of excellent quality. To enhance your experience, the extension provides HD quality video and high resolution. As a result, you may enjoy a cinematic experience from your own home.

Control The Party

You can enable a button in the settings as the watch party host to gain complete control over the YouTube party. You will be able to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind the video as the host with control.

No Loading Issues

You will not have to wait because the YouTube watch party does not lag. You won’t have to worry about buffering, and your YouTube party will load swiftly.

No Loading Issues

You can alter your user profile to make it more pleasurable for you. As a result, adding a funny user icon and a clever username to your profile may be fun.

Enjoy The Chat

You can enjoy speaking with the other watch party members while streaming. There’s a side live chat bar at the watch party where you may send reactions and messages to everyone while watching videos together.

Troubleshooting Youtube Party

The Youtube party with the private watch party extension goes off without a hitch. We must, however, consider the possibility of server overloading because this watch party could have an infinite number of participants. As a result, if you ever have a problem with your watch party, please make sure to–

  • Download the private watch Party browser extension.
  • Check to determine whether the host has imposed any limitations.
  • If YouTube is available in your country.
  • Check to ensure that the watch party’s URL is correct.